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Ida M. Adams, M.S.

My dream

is to encourage and support curious seekers who are looking for ways to enhance their connection and communication between their dream time with their waking lives.

In my professional life, as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I worked with children and adults in a variety of settings and ages from birth to the elderly. In this capacity, I encouraged and supported individuals learning to use speech, language and their voice to:  get their needs met, communicate clearly, learn to play, increase emotional intelligence, think creatively and develop to their full potential.

Now, as a Wisdom of the Whole Certified Coach and Dream Empowerment Coach, my intention is to use my experience to increase awareness, knowledge and use of dream messages for personal growth and healing. I have discovered the power of working with my dreams through many life transitions and want to help others on their dream journey.

Through individual one-to-one sessions, classes and speaking presentations, my quest is to help curious seekers learn to listen mindfully; to recall and share their dreams in a safe, supportive environment built on trust and confidentiality.  We will have fun exploring dream language through art, journaling, the energy of colors, numbers, symbolism, metaphors, visualization and imagery. We will focus on recalling, recording and reconnecting to our dreams. Together we will learn the language of dreams and become our own dream guides.

Your dreams, like your voice, are unique to you.

Experience the power of voicing your dreams.