Have you felt your dreams are too personal or too weird to share with your partner or friends? You tried to forget about them… until a dream or dreams kept returning resulting in anxiety or loss of sleep? Or, are you one of the many people who tell me they can’t remember their dreams? These are common questions and concerns I have heard.

As your guide we will weave the art of dreaming with the science of dreaming to discover how to:

  • Recall and record your dream images
  • Uncover anxiety and fears keeping you from making relationship or business decisions
  • Find healing messages of comfort during times of grief and loss
  •  Gain insight into issues relating to your self-image
  •  Pay attention to possible health-related warnings
  • Increase self-awareness of personal strengths and spiritual gifts
  • Discover the power of Lucid Dreaming and learn to go back into your dream
  • Uncover hidden fears or deepest desires
  • Learn what neuroscience research says about the connection between sleep and dreams
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Begin again

is my mantra as change (at times chosen...but often not) impacts my earth journey. Life’s lessons learned through experiencing great love and difficult loss shapes me and continues to teach me the power of gratitude, seeking help, staying open and accepting of myself and others.

At this stage in my life, it is my hope that you will give me the privilege to share a bit of your journey through change and encourage you to begin where you are...reach out.... and with every breath, begin again.

I’ve enjoyed a fulfilling professional life as a medical and pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist.  I now want to share my experience and passion for communication, language and health/wellness as a coach and teacher by helping others learn to use the language of dreams as a means of increased health and life satisfaction. As an active member of the IASD (International Association for the Study of Dreams) and a Wisdom of the Whole Certified Coach, I maintain a community of support and a commitment to continuous learning.

Are you ready to give voice to your dreams?

Ready to build skills of emotional intelligence, through deeper connections with yourself, partner and/or family? The more you mindfully connect and listen to your dreams, the more you allow increased health and well-being into your life. Through individual coaching, or by finding other dreamers, you can experience fun and “Ah-ha!” moments of discovering the hidden messages of your subconscious mind. Begin the journey and feel the satisfaction and joy of bringing the wisdom of these messages to your waking life!

Go to my services page to sign up for a free initial individual coaching session or to attend an upcoming class! I look forward to meeting you!