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“Our conscious minds are usually limited by our worldviews, core beliefs and habitual patterns.
Dreaming often provides a path around those static realities.”

 Dream to Freedom by Robert and Lynne Hoss (2013)

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Join me on the path to uncovering the hidden messages of your subconscious mind.

Find other seekers who want to learn or enhance skills of recalling, recording and re-connecting with dreams. Now is the time to make an intention to find personal clarity and take small steps on the path to increased life satisfaction and ease in your waking life.

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Three classes are offered as a series- each focusing on different aspects of dreamwork.

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Dreamwork: Making Connection

Help! I can’t recall my dreams!
Why do we dream?
Record your dreams – what works for you?
Create a personal dream journal

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Dreamwork: Creativity and the Dream Image

Experience dreamwork strategies that work for you
Express emotion through art and your dream journal
Explore the meaning of color in dreams
Expand your visualization abilities

Dreamwork: The Language of Dreams

Metaphorical language of dreams- how dreams communicate
Numerology and dream messages
Experience empowerment through lucid dreaming

During each class, participants will be given the opportunity to share a dream. Each member will review and agree to confidentiality and given tools of listening and responding to other’s dreams that have the potential of creating a level of comfort and ease in the group. These classes are not a substitute for professional health or mental health treatment.

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Location: The Metamorphosis Center

8646 Eagle Creek Parkway
Suite 101
Savage, MN  55378


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Dreamwork: Making Connections

“I believe we must look to realms of spirit and imagination if we are to find the wellsprings of healing, creativity and intuition, as well as insight into the deeper purpose of our lives.” 

 (Robert Moss- Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death 2010) 

Are you a life-time dreamer or do you want to learn more about how to work with your dreams? Either way, come join the fun as we practice skills of visualization and intuition to gain deeper insight into our nighttime dreams. Discover new ways of thinking about those supposedly “Random” images or find answers to, “Why is he in my dream?” Find support and encouragement to bring messages of healing, growth and insight into your waking life.  

In this first of three classes we will begin the exploration into creating a deeper Connection to dream messages. Topics include: 

  • Help! I can’t recall my dreams! 
  • Exploring various ways of working with our dreams 
  • Recording our dreams 
  • Creating a dream journal 

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Each class will be a combination of learning about dreams and time for participants to share a recent dream as time allows. To ensure a feeling of safety and trust in sharing our dreams, each member will review and agree to a confidentiality statement. You will also be given tools of appropriately listening and responding to other’s dreams all the while remembering YOU are the expert of defining the meaning of your dream!  

*(This dream group activity is not a substitute for professional health or mental health treatment and is not meant for those experiencing nightmares related to PTSD). 

Dreamwork: Creativity and Dream Image

Your dream images can impact your life as the image develops over time and continues to influence your life in small and big ways, influencing synchronicities and decisions. Accessing Jung’s universal archetypal images can give a glimpse of unconscious forces of inner growth and transformation. Come explore in a non-threatening and fun environment with other seekers the power of expressing your dream images in sketching/drawing, collaging and other art forms which could include poetry, use of sound/music and movement.

Please bring a key image object and photos, pictures, etc. for collaging your dream images. Some additional materials will be provided for art projects. Treat your inner child to a Playdate!

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Dreamwork: The Language of Dreams

Dreams communicate with us through symbols, metaphors, numbers and images, at times universal in meaning and at other times, more specific to our life experiences. Learning aspects of dream language can strengthen your intuitive knowing as you explore the deeper meanings of your dream images and make associations to your waking life --increasing your self-knowledge. What will you dream into reality in the New Year?

You will have an opportunity to use your dreamwork skills as we practice group dream sharing tools, including Robert Moss’ Active Dreaming Toolkit. As Robert Moss says, “The dreamer is the final authority on the meaning of his or her own dream in his or her own life”.

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More About Ida

Ida M. Adams, M.S. has spent her professional life as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Now, it is her intention to share her passion for teaching, dreams and healing as a Dream Empowerment Coach encouraging others to be curious about their dreams and their messages. Ida is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and has completed the Gateway Dreaming Coaching program by Denise Linn. She is also a Wisdom of the Whole Certified Coach and is available for individual wellness coaching focusing on self-care and change through life’s transitions. Her coaching is an integral and holistic approach to increased wellness, self-knowledge and health, focusing on the alignment of mind, body and spirit – using all sources of awareness to create your best life.  

She can be reached at (612) 440-4887 or for more information. 

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“I believe we must look to realms of spirit and imagination if we are to find the wellsprings of healing, creativity and intuition, as well as insight into the deeper purpose of our lives. - (Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death. Robert Moss, 2010)

“Presence: The ability to inhabit and trust the integrity of one’s own values, feelings and capabilities. This capacity for presence is the seedbed of our confidence, courage and resilience required to rise to even the most daunting of life’s challenges.” - (Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges. Amy Cuddy)

Your dreams are as unique as your voice. They both reflect the integration of your experiences, your interpretation or perception of the experience, what you pay attention to and what emotions you attach to your experiences. According to Carl Jung, our dreams can also indicate our connection to the “collective unconscious” speaking through metaphor and images of archetypes- ways of seeing ourselves. He used the Mandala as an image for the self. Jean Shinoda Bolen, a Jungian analyst describes his theories and more in her book, Liberating the Goddesses Within.

Other influential dreamworkers, authors and teachers include Robert Moss and Denise Linn who explore dreams through the lens of Shamanism and Native American culture– drawing on teachings of several world cultures – ones who have not been as influenced by the Western world thought/belief systems. As a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) I have been introduced (in person and through their books) to many dream researchers, dream group leaders, psychologists and artists from around the world. This is an eye- opening experience to realize this study and work is very much alive and growing along with the research and interest.

Having learned from my personal experience the transformative powers of working with my dreams, I wonder how the world might change if more people practiced paying attention, recalling, recording and digging into the deeper teachings of their dreams. Try to imagine how your life, your family, your relationships would benefit from listening to and talking about your dreams. Focusing on our children’s and significant other’s dreams can build intimacy, vulnerability, emotional intelligence and resilience. We can then bring these skills from our homes to the larger world increasing empathy and understanding. I now see dreamwork as a form of Self Care and overall wellness. Join me as we, together, dream in The New Earth.

"I enjoyed working with Ida because she listened to my needs and goals and helped me accomplish them.  She does an amazing job paraphrasing what she hears you say to ensure she is hearing the same thing.  She made me feel very comfortable and that created trust for me to share things with her that I have never shared with anyone else.  She is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend working with her!"

Stephanie, VP - Private Banker

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I am available for speaking engagements including

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Women's Groups

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Women Wellness Retreats

I welcome the opportunity to speak at your women's group or women's wellness retreat.

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speaking topics

~ Discover Your Confident Voice and Open New Doors ~

What do you want your voice to say about you? Your voice often shapes other’s first impression of you. Learn strategies to align the wisdom of your inner voice and your empowered authentic expressive self. Discover ways to sustain a healthy, clear, vibrant voice at any age.

~ Transform through Transitions and Begin Again ~

Do you look forward, saying, “What’s next?” or find yourself resisting change by holding on to the past or status quo with clenched hands? If you’re human you’ve probably done both. Explore your life’s stages, reminding yourself of your strengths as well as challenges along the way. Then learn the stages of change and how to view where you are at with self-compassion helping you to begin again with love and acceptance.