Dreamwork: Creativity and the Dream Image Class April 13th, 2019


Saturday, April 13th, 2019
The Metamorphosis Center

Join me on the path to uncovering the hidden messages of your subconscious mind.

Find other seekers who want to learn or enhance skills of recalling, recording and re-connecting with dreams. Now is the time to make an intention to find personal clarity and take small steps on the path to increased life satisfaction and ease in your waking life.  This is Class II of a series of III.

Experience dreamwork strategies that work for you
Express emotion through art and your dream journal
Explore the meaning of color in dreams
Expand your visualization abilities

Pre-registration required.


Your dream images can impact your life as the image develops over time and continues to influence your life in small and big ways, influencing synchronicities and decisions. Accessing Jung’s universal archetypal images can give a glimpse of unconscious forces of inner growth and transformation. Come explore in a non-threatening and fun environment with other seekers the power of expressing your dream images in sketching/drawing, collaging and other art forms which could include poetry, use of sound/music and movement.

Please bring a key image object and photos, pictures, etc. for collaging your dream images. Some additional materials will be provided for art projects. Treat your inner child to a Playdate!