Dreamwork as a Wellness Practice: The Language of Dreams October 3rd, 2019


Thursday Ocrober 3rd, 2019
6:30-8:00 pm
The Metamorphosis Center

Join me on the path to uncovering the hidden messages of your subconscious mind.

Find other seekers who want to learn or enhance skills of recalling, recording and re-connecting with dreams. Now is the time to make an intention to find personal clarity and take small steps on the path to increased life satisfaction and ease in your waking life.

Metaphorical language of dreams- how dreams communicate
Symbols and dream messages
Experience increased wellness through dreaming

During each class, participants will be given the opportunity to share a dream. Each member will review and agree to confidentiality and given tools of listening and responding to other’s dreams that have the potential of creating a level of comfort and ease in the group. These classes are not a substitute for professional health or mental health treatment.

Pre-registration required.


Dreams communicate with us through symbols, metaphors, numbers and images, at times universal in meaning and at other times, more specific to our life experiences. Learning aspects of dream language can strengthen your intuitive knowing as you explore the deeper meanings of your dream images and make associations to your waking life –increasing your self-knowledge. What will you dream into reality in the New Year?

You will have an opportunity to use your dreamwork skills as we practice group dream sharing tools, including Robert Moss’ Active Dreaming Toolkit. As Robert Moss says, “The dreamer is the final authority on the meaning of his or her own dream in his or her own life”.